Joe's Fleetwood Pizza and Restaurant is a story about
Giuseppe (Joseph) Ruggiero, a tenacious Italian,
that with the love of labor and lots of ambition
has put him in such a beautiful location.


Its reputation and clientele are from near and far.
Set in a small section of Mount Vernon, NY
called Fleetwood, over the years it has
expanded from 4 tables and a juke
box into a full size restaurant
with seating for up to
75 people.

Joseph, with time, has turned this small dream into
a full sized family reataurant business, first with
the help of his older son, Neil, then a few
years later his younger son, Ray joined
him. Together they serve some of the
finest family style Neapolitan food,
such as Hot & Cold Antipasto,
Pasta, Chicken, Veal, and
Seafood Creations,

and of course world famous Pizzas,
both Neapolitan and Sicilian style since 1972.


 Joe's Fleetwood Pizzeria and restaurant is now in its 38th
year of business and looks forward to many many more.

 Thank You,

 Joseph, Neil, Ray,
 & the Ruggiero Family


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